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Custom Packaging Labels & More

Looks matter, and in marketing it isn't any different. Along with the four major P's of marketing (product, place, promotion and price), packaging also plays a vital role in the promotion of your business.

Here at Appleson Press, we dress up your product with custom labels and packaging to help you stand out from the competition and attract consumers.

We provide:

  • Custom designs for your brand - Choose from a wide variety of graphic effects and different kinds of labels that best fit your product. Pressure sensitive adhesive labels, hot stamp labels, durable/weatherproof labels, plastic and metal labels and so much more are available. With our diverse range of custom packaging and labels, you can easily come up with the best marketing tool to reflect your brand identity.

  • Expert craftsmanship - With almost a century of experience in the industry, we have helped various companies intensify their brand recognition. We work closely with you in glamorizing and adding a special touch to your brand. Our goal is to help you convert first time buyers into loyal customers through our custom labels and packaging services. We guarantee quality service in a professional, convenient and timely fashion.

  • Sophisticated techniques - Our services use the latest technology in the industry to help you come up with an attention-grabbing and effective label and packaging for your product. From stock to adhesives, protective coating, dies, ink colors, typestyles and more, we offer different quality options. Our printing techniques include flexography, hot stamp, hot stamp/flexo combination and offset.

    Compared to other digital label printers, we offer the four color process in packaging which delivers extraordinary product appeal.

  • Competitive pricing - We seal the deal with our reasonable rates on all our services. With our extensive experience and knowledge in custom packaging and labels, you're sure to have your money's worth and more.

For more information about our services, give us a call today!

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