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Barcode Labels
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Barcode Labels

Barcode labels are your best option for keeping track of everything, from merchandise to belongings sent away for storage. Whether you're thinking of organizing your inventory or simply making sure all your stocks are taken care of, order barcode labels from Appleson Press today.

Manage Massive Amounts of Particulars

The key to a successful operation, whether in business or your personal life, is always being able to follow your particulars. With bar codes on your labels, you can easily stay in control of and track a large number of items. In addition to bar code printing, Appleson Press can also provide personalized barcode labels for your needs.

A bar code is generally thought of as a series of machine-readable, alternating, and randomly spaced parallel black lines. Bar codes represent strings of characters, usually serial numbers that are linked to essential information about your inventory.

Here are some advantages of bar code labels:

  • Mix and Match. Bar coding can be done on nearly any size label, made of almost any stock. Choose your own combination of label size, stock, and more at Appleson Press. We could either print your design and the bar code on the labels or leave a space on each for on-site bar coding.

  • Pick Your Kind of Bar Code. Your labels can be bar coded in up to seven colors. We offer both static and consecutive bar code printing. Please request a quote since the price of our consecutive bar coding varies per job. Also, we include human-readable numbers in the printing process unless you specify otherwise.

  • Get Superb Label Scanability. The bar codes we print on your custom designed labels can be scanned easily. We use high-contrast and precise bar code printing on flawless stock for your convenience.

Here at Appleson Press, we provide more options for all your labels and bar coding needs. Explore our website and contact us to learn more. Order your very own barcode labels today!

Type of code desired
What characters to encode
Static or consecutive
Whether human-readable numbers printed above or below the bar code
Size of the bar code

Type of Code Typical Application Characteristics and Limitations
UPC (static only) Retail and food pricing and inventory control Self-checking
Fixed length
Numeric only
Reads bars and spaces
Check digit is standard
Code 3 of 9 Part identification (e.g., automotive, pharmaceutical, airlines) Alphanumeric
Reads bars only
Variable length
Check digit available
High-reliability scanning
Low-to-medium information density
Interleaved 2 of 5 Inventory control and warehousing (e.g., air transport, electronics, automotive) Self-checking
Numeric only
Variable length
Must have even number of digits
Reads bars and spaces
Check digit available
High-reliability scanning
Requires accurate printing
Codabar Tracking and tracing (e.g., shipping companies, libraries, photo labs) Reads bars only
No check digit
Numeric only scanning
Requires accurate printing
Requires large bar code area
Large size for remote scanning
Code 128 Sophisticated tracking and tracing (e.g., healthcare industry, membership organizations, libraries) Alphanumeric
Variable length
Complex coding can lead to data entry errors
Highest information density
Reads bars and spaces
Check digit available

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