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Durable / Laminated / Weatherproof Labels

Labels are effective tools for brand awareness, which is why it's important you choose the right kind of material for your product labels. Here at Appleson Press, we manufacture laminated and weatherproof labels. These labels are made of durable materials, printed in up to 3 colors using lightfast inks and laminated.

They are used when you need a label that is exposed to weather, handling, washing and solvents. These labels are especially ideal for products that are typically exposed to the elements. Our durable labels also work for vinyl siding companies, replacement window contractors, and more.

Why Choose Our Weatherproof and Laminated Labels

We provide high quality laminated and weatherproof labels that are manufactured with expert craftsmanship, rigid quality control procedures, and sophisticated techniques:

  • Can Withstand Extreme Temperature - Our labels are made of durable materials that can resist extensive exposure to sun, heat, cold, and wind.

  • Can Endure Physical Damage - Laminated labels are sealed with either a clear liquid coating or glued down with a layer of clear film. This protects the label from physical damage such as tearing, puncturing, and weathering. Even with constant handling, our labels stay intact.

  • Can Resist High Moisture, Rot, or Mildew - Our weatherproof labels are especially designed for outdoor applications. They are not prone to mildew and rotting even when under damp or humid conditions. These labels also resist fading, resulting in long-lasting colors.

  • Can Survive Harsh Environments - Our labels are noted for their longevity and capacity to hold up against friction, solvents, and exposure to the elements.

  • Can Enhance your Brand Visibility - Our weatherproof and laminated labels can also be used for aesthetic purposes. When laminated, labels get a glossy finish and attract more attention.

  • Can Be Customized to Suit Your Needs - You can choose from different shapes and sizes for your product labels. Labels can stick to almost any kind of surface with the right adhesive. Rounded corners are especially recommended to prevent peeling.


White vinyl, matte silver mylar, chrome mylar and brushed silver mylar. Laminated with clear mylar.


All die cut shapes including: round corner rectangles, ovals and circles.


Print 1, 2 or 3 custom colors


Rolls of 1,000


Shipped in 7 working days

Consecutive numbering available

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