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Appleson Press manufactures top quality, customized pressure sensitive adhesive labels and more for all of your branding needs.

When you've done your homework, studied consumers' needs and buying habits, and developed the product that can blow away the competition, how do you go about capturing the market's attention?

It doesn't matter if you have the most phenomenal product on the market. If your customers do not even know about it or recognize it, then everything you have done so far would all be for naught. With all the effort that you and your team have put into product development, the last thing that you would want your product to turn out to be is generic. In order to make your product stand out, you need custom labels.

Why Your Product Needs Custom Labels

Brand recognition brings you a step closer to that all important sale and labels are one of the most effective brand awareness tools. As a part of the packaging, the label reflects not only the quality of your product but the caliber of your company as well.

How you go about dressing up a product using a label depends a whole lot on what the product is. Considerations include:

  • the fonts and colors to be used,
  • the graphics to be printed on the label,
  • the shape and size of the label,
  • and the material that the label will be made out of.

Appleson Press is a leading manufacturer of pressure sensitive adhesive labels. We not only manufacture the labels that you need, we also help you come up with and design the custom label for your products. In addition, our labels can be made to resist exposure to external factors such as:

  • The Elements
  • Heat
  • Corrosion
  • Direct Sunlight
  • Abrasive Materials
  • Extreme and Unfavorable Conditions.

We have the expertise to transform your ideas into a great label for your products. We can even create custom plastic and metal labels if you prefer these materials.

Contact Appleson Press for all your label requirements at 800-888-APPLE or 516-496-0004 today!

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